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Ollie's 2024 Signature Supreme

Ollie's 2024 Signature Supreme


For the first time, Ollie's collection has increased from twelve to sixteen flavours, with three each of the following flavours available in this beautiful box:


Dark Chocolate Orange 

Dark Chocolate Raspberry

Black Forest Gateau



Whiskey Ginger

Cherry & Almond

Mango Passionfruit

Salted Caramel

Hazelnut Popping Candy

Banoffee Pie

Chai Latté

Tiny Teacake

Honey Caramel

Lemon Meringue Pie

Rhubarb and Custard



Each bonbon is gently and lovingly handcrafted, using high quality chocolate and hand-made fillings. Whilst  it will be hard to resist these for so long, each box is supplied with a best before date of 6 weeks from receipt.




Please check the ingredients for allergies, as some of my chocolates contain nuts, some contain gluten, some dairy, and some contain gelatine.


    Ingredients: (1) Salted Caramel: Caster Sugar, Double Cream, Invert Sugar, Butter, Malden Salt, Vanilla Extract. (2) Hazelnut Coffee : *Hazelnuts*, espresso, muscovado sugar, caster sugar, glucose, pectin, double cream, invert sugar, milk chocolate, butter, coca butter, icing sugar, cocoa nibs. (3)Chocolate Orange: *Soya Milk*, Water, Glucose, Invert Sugar, Orange Extract, Dark Chocolate, Coconut Oil (deodorised). Gel: Orange Juice, caster sugar, pectin, glucose, malic acid. (4)Dark Chocolate Raspberry: As above, removing orange, but adding raspberry puree, caster sugar, glucose, pectin; (5)Tiny Teacake: , Raspberry Puree, Milk chocolate, invert sugar, butter, gelatine, caster sugar, dextrose, water, glucose, *digestive biscuit (gluten)*, white chocolate, vanilla essence, cocoa butter. (6)Black Forest Gateau Morello cherry puree, invert sugar, caster sugar, glucose, citric acid, *kirsch (alcohol)*, vegan white chocolate, Elonlea vegan double cream, vanilla seeds, pastry margarine, water, soy milk, deodorised coconut oil ; (7)Popcorn Cranberry Cranberry Puree, invert sugar, caster sugar, pectin, glucose, citric acid, gold chocolate, cocoa butter, plain popcorn; (8) Peanut Butter Jelly Strawberry Puree, invert sugar, caster sugar, pectin, glucose, citric acid, *peanuts*, cocoa butter, icing sugar, salt; (9) Maple Pecan Caster Sugar, invert sugar, glucose, water, double cream, maple flavouring, maple syrup, butter, *pecans*, cocoa butter, icing sugar; (10)Apple Pie and Custard White Chocolate, double cream, invert sugar, vanilla essence, yellow food gel; Bramley Apples, invert sugar, caster sugar, pectin, glucose, citric acid, cocoa butter, *hobnob biscuits (gluten)* ; (11)Cinnamon Bunbon Golden syrup, caster sugar, double cream, glucose, butter, salt, cinnamon, milk chocolate, double cream, invert sugar, infused brown butter *(with brioche)* glucose, dark chocolate, water; (12) Mint Dark Chocolate, invert sugar, glucose, water, soy milk, deodorised coconut oil, peppermint teabags, peppermint essence ; Chocolate Shells: Dark Chocolate: Callebaut 54.5% (contains Soya) Milk: 33.6% White Chocolate: Schokinag 30%

    The chocolates are produced in an area in which the allergens stated above are present.


    There are 4 chocolates  that are suitable for a vegan diet. These are:
    Dark Chocolate Orange
    Dark Chocolate Rasberry
    Mint and Black Forest Gateaux

    I use Callebaut Dark Belgian Couverture Chocolate to make the chocolate shells.
    The fillings are made from fresh fruit purée and a ganache made from the same dark chocolate with soy and water. The espresso ganache is made from vegetable oil and cocoa butter which is free from dairy

    However, the chocolates are made in a kitchen where dairy products are used.

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