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Ollie's 2024 Dairy Free Collection

Ollie's 2024 Dairy Free Collection


A winner of the 2023 Deliciouslyorkshire Food Awards, Ollie's new for Spring 2024  dairy free box contains 8 chocolates, comprising one each of the following flavours:


Dark Chocolate Orange 

Dark Chocolate Raspberry

Black Forest Gateau



Whiskey Ginger

Cherry & Almond

Mango Passionfruit


Each bonbon is gently and lovingly handcrafted, using Callebaut Dark Chocolate and hand-made fillings. Whilst  it will be hard to resist these for so long, each box is supplied with a best before date of 6 weeks from receipt.




The chocolates are produced in an area in which dairy and nuts are present.





I use Callebaut Dark Belgian Couverture Chocolate to make the chocolate shells. You willl find the chocolate ingredients here


The fillings are made using a water based ganache and in some instances contain soy.


However, the chocolates are made in a kitchen where dairy products are used. Whilst I aim to avoid cross-contamination I cannot guarantee this in every case.


    Ingredients: (1)Chocolate Orange: *Soya Milk*, Water, Glucose, Invert Sugar, Orange Extract, Dark Chocolate, Coconut Oil (deodorised). Gel: Orange Juice, caster sugar, pectin, glucose, malic acid. (2)Dark Chocolate Raspberry: As above, removing orange, but adding raspberry puree, caster sugar, glucose, pectin; (3)Black Forest Gateau Morello cherry puree, invert sugar, caster sugar, glucose, citric acid, *kirsch (alcohol)*, vegan white chocolate, Elonlea vegan double cream, vanilla seeds, pastry margarine, water, soy milk, deodorised coconut oil ; (4) Mint  Dark Chocolate, invert sugar, glucose, water, soy milk, deodorised coconut oil, peppermint teabags, peppermint essence  (5) Espresso, Instant coffee, ground coffee beans, glucose, invert sugar, sorbitol, dark chocolate (54.5%), pastry margerine, (6) Cherry & Almond: Cherry Puree, invert sugar, caster sugar, pectin, glucose, citric acid, almonds, cocoa butter, icing sugar, (7) Whiskey Ginger: Soya Milk, Water, Glucose, Invert sugar, dark chocolate (54.5%), deoderised coconut oil, fresh ginger, Irtish Whiskey, (8) Mango Passionfruit: Mango Purée, Invert Sugar, Caster Sugar, Pectin, Glucose, Citric Acid, Passion fruit Puree, Deoderised coconut oil, cocoa butter ; Chocolate Shells: Dark Chocolate: Callebaut 54.5% (contains Soya)

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